Prevent of tartar and inflammation actively with the emmi®-pet

Healthy teeth are important for your dog, because your pet cannot talk to you about his toothache. Your dog absorbs over 80% of all bacteria through his snout and many of them can be very damaging to his oral hygiene. If your dog often smells from his mouth, this is a clear indication that there is something wrong. To actively prevent of tartar and inflammation in the mouth, you can clean your dog's teeth with the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush.

Tooth cleaning without making any noise or vibration

Patented ultrasound in the brush head

Why is dental care also very important for your dog?

Special toothpaste with micro-bubbles for gentle cleaning

No anaesthetic risk due to treatment by a doctor!

Health starts in the mouth! This not only applies to us humans, but to animals as well. If the teeth and gums of your four-legged friend are well cared for and strong, your sweetheart can bite vigorously until old age and doesn't have to miss out anything!

Especially in the mouth, germs and bacteria are generated, which can quickly have an effect on the rest of the body. You can easily prevent this by cleaning your pet's teeth with the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush. It also removes bad breath, protects against tartar and ensures healthy, white teeth.

The special feature of our emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush is that our emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush cleans even the narrowest spaces between the teeth without making any noise or scrubbing, so that your animal quickly gets used to the new routine when used regularly.

The advantages of the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush FOR YOUR PET!

A fresh breath

Unlike electric brush models, our patented ultrasonic toothbrush reaches even the narrowest gaps between the teeth without any problems and thus ensures optimal cleaning for your pet's teeth and gums.

Gentle & noiseless deep cleaning

The emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush gently removes plaque and bacteria from even the narrowest spaces between teeth without scrubbing or buzzing. Your dog will be happy to put up with this. And it also means: bye-bye bad breath!

One device, double function

Depending on the attachment, our device is ultra-suitable for tooth and fur care. The emmi®-pet Care attachments can have a positive effect on a wide range of complaints such as inflammations, tick bites or arthrosis.

Reduces inflammation & secondary diseases

Find out here about the additional advantages of cleaning your teeth with the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for you and your pet:

With regular use of the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush you can prevent tartar, gingivitis and secondary diseases in your pet. A healthy oral flora can even prolong the life of your pet.

No anaesthetic risk for your pet

With a regular application you save your pet and yourself the nerve-racking, expensive dental cleaning, as well as possible anesthesia and dental surgery.

All-round prevention

Oral hygiene

Strength and Endurance

Regular application saves you and your four-legged friend many visits to the doctor and an expensive tooth cleaning as well as possible risky anesthesia and tooth operations.

Take care of your favourite's oral hygiene from the beginning - say goodbye to germs and bad bacteria.

A better general condition and healthy gums allow your dog to bite vigorously and increase his activity level.

emmi®-pet - Unique advantages for YOUR PET!

Patented ultrasound

emmi®-pet ultrasound is a patented dental and oral hygiene system. Compared to other electric toothbrushes (with up to 40,000 mechanical movements), the piezo chip in the brush head generates 100% ultrasound and up to 96 million air vibrations per minute.

Minimum of time required

Cleaning with ultrasound is recommended to be done daily. 2-3 minutes are already sufficient to do this.

Silent and vibration-free

The emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush works completely silent and vibrationless, so your dog will enjoy the dental care.

Simple usage

Moisten the head of the brush, apply toothpaste and hold it onto the teeth. Scrubbing and brushing is no longer necessary.

What our customers say about emmi®-pet ultrasound

Instant delivery!

We are totally enthusiastic!

Easy treatment!

My dog allows to be treated without resistance. It is very good that the brush works silently. Therefore the dog has no stress. He likes the toothpaste too. We have used it once now and have already noticed a small success. I am glad I bought it. In any case it saves an anaesthetic. A package with rubber gloves, wooden sticks and disinfectant was also included. I find this very nice.

 bought the toothbrush for our two bolonkas. After I thought that the device was broken when I first started it, because nothing was buzzing or vibrating, I watched a YouTube video about it. Now we are very enthusiastic and the dogs like to have their teeth brushed. Just hold the brush against the teeth with the toothpaste for 10 seconds and the success is visible after one week.

The toothbrush worth the money. We have dwarf dachshunds that really suffer from bad tartar and bad breath. Already after the 2nd APPLICATION bad breath had almost completely disappeared. Also the inflammations of the gums are noticeably reduced. If you persist with patience and perseverance and praise the rascals extensively after each tooth exposed to sound and reward them with treats, the dogs can stand it quite well and it becomes easier with each day to carry out the treatment.

Doris F.

Ralf W.

Kerstin B.

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Brushing dogs' teeth? Actually, I always thought it was absolutely unnecessary. Unfortunately, Barney's teeth have built up quite a bit of tartar over the years, and before we get to professional teeth cleaning under general anesthesia, we are trying out the ultrasonic toothbrush. I had already posted a few stories, and many of you wrote me that #emmipet worked great for you, and we are also making progress. The tartar is definitely getting less and the application is very easy because #emmipet doesn't make any noise or vibrate. We think it is top and can therefore only recommend it! #toothbrushwithemmipet.

Today I show you how to brush your teeth with an ultrasonic toothbrush for dogs & cats. Do you also want to have shiny teeth without tartar? Then use the Emmi Pet from The toothpaste tastes super delicious and the toothbrush makes no noise. It works with ultrasound and prevents you from tartar and if you have already tartar, you can (if you are practiced) simply scrape it away with a rosewood stick.

Source: littlelouisdude bei Instagram

Source: naughty_barney bei Instagram

We have put through its paces. Our test result: Good. Every 2 to 3 days we have now cleaned Buddy's teeth for 3 weeks and have already achieved some success. You can find a before/after in the pictures below. I have told you my personal feedback in my story today.

After one treatment with the

Fresh teeth for Chanouk #emmipet #emmipetgroomer.

Source: trimsalon_luchano bei Instagram

Source: madeleinesophie_de bei Instagram

There are a few minutes a day that you should spend on brushing your dog's teeth! Many illnesses can be associated with insufficient dental care, and what is worse than bad breath in the dog's mouth than an actually avoidable visit to the vet? We brush #Berlibu since he is with us and now we switched to the #ultrasound toothbrush of! So far we are totally satisfied and the little lion hunter now falls asleep while brushing his teeth. The oscillations are so high that you don't notice and hear any vibration and therefore the dog obviously finds it very pleasant!

Today I'm pleased to present you the Emmi PET #damitputzig I've cleaned with it once until now (as you might have seen in my story) and I have to tell you honestly I'm impressed by the result but convince yourselves by swiping the photo to the right and you'll see a picture of my munchies before and after. Crazy or? We will now do this regularly to keep my teeth white and without tartar. The application is very easy and painless and without noise and vibration so no one has to be afraid of it. A great invention.

Quelle: berlibu_livernose_ridgeback bei Instagram

Source: amys_doglife bei Instagram

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You are concerned about healthy oral hygiene for your four-legged friend and you don't want to miss out kisses because your darling is a little mouth smeller? We offer you everything you need for comprehensive prevention and deep cleaning:

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✓ 1 emmi®-pet Hand-Piece

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How to use the emmi®-pet

Your four-legged companion loves to chew on toys, catch treats and eat them. But if the teeth are not cared for, the whole health suffers and our friends become little mouth stinkers. With the emmi®-pet you can easily remove the biofilm and plaque in your dog's mouth without scrubbing and reduce bacteria. You also avoid unnecessary visits to the vet and the risk of your pet being anaesthetised!

4 out of 5 dogs over 3 years of age suffer from periodontal disease

Now you can easily prevent tartar and inflammation in the mouth with the emmi-pet!

Special toothpaste with micro-bubbles for gentle cleaning

you decide on the emmi®-pet Skin & Tooth Care Set, you can not only clean your dog's teeth ...

emmi®-pet Skin & Tooth Care Set

Your pet has pain, a closed wound or has been recently bitten by a tick?

No worries. We also have the perfect solution for this. We have developed the emmi®-pet Skin & Tooth Care Set especially for your dog's fur and skin care. All you need is the emmi®-pet Care P2 attachment and the ultrasonic gel from the Fur Care Set. Simply change the brush head and, together with the ultrasound gel, treat the affected area three to four times a day for 10 minutes until the inflammation has disappeared.

Treatment of closed wounds

Gentle pain treatment

Treatment after a tick bite

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For whom is the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush appropriate?

In principle, the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush is appropriate for dogs of all ages and breeds. Thanks to the different sized attachments, the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush can be used for puppies and small dogs as well as for parent animals and particularly large breeds.

At what age can I use the emmi®-pet for my dogs?

Optimum dental care for dogs starts at a young age at best: regular and conscientious dental care is recommended to effectively prevent tartar in dogs. Even though puppies usually have bright white teeth, it is advisable to get used to dental care in a playful way already at puppy age. The emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush is particularly appropriate for this purpose due to its silent and vibration-free operation.

What are the reasons for bad breath of dogs?

Bad breath of dogs can be caused by a multitude of reasons. These include food residues on or between the teeth or residues from play activities, e.g. wood or fabric residues. Even if these reasons for bad breath in dogs are relatively harmless, they should be taken seriously: Last but not least, they are often the trigger for more serious causes of bad breath in dogs. Ignored in the long term, they can lead to tartar. We recommend prophylactic use of the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush. In this way, this and thus also long-lasting bad breath in dogs can be avoided.

Is there also an ultrasound cleaning of the dog's teeth without anaesthetic?

Yes, there is an ultrasonic tooth cleaning for dogs without anaesthetic - with our emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush. Thanks to 96 million air vibrations instead of mechanical movements, it cleans your dog's teeth very gently and softly. If used correctly and regularly, the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush can even prevent you from going to the vet and cleaning your dog's teeth under a risky anaesthetic.

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